About us

Affaires in Science.

A blog by the International and Scientific Affairs team in collaboration with the EU-LIFE team on research management and policy in life sciences.

Our motivation.

We are always so busy with our work, we travel, we jump from one meeting to the other, that we often lack time to tell each other our stories. Sometimes we run a great workshop, or we meet interesting people on the plane, and we don´t get the opportunity to communicate to others what happened, how we felt, what we learned.

Why not a blog?

We are launching our new blog “Affairs in Science” to share our stories on science management, researchers´ training, science policy, open science, gender equality, public engagement, and more. These are among our favorite topics and we hope to find a network out there in the web to exchange stories and ideas.

Michela Bertero

Ester Montava Guill

Joaquim Calbo

Sonja Reiland

Thomas Guegan

Natalia Dave Coll

Angèle Bénard

Jonas Krebs

Alexandros Nikolaou

Damjana Kastelic

Anna Solé Amat

Marta Agostinho

Ana-Belén Fernandez

Karel De Pourcq