Ester Montava
Jun 10, 2020 · 2min read


I find myself writing this post though I am not very used to it. I felt I would like to share a positive side of the current confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, at home, families spend much more time together, they have discovered new ways of interaction, they feel they need each other; parents have become teachers, entertainers, and why not, new friends for their kids. We have also found new ways of organizing the weekly purchasing of food and essential household items. We cannot hide, though, the challenge for the parents to combine telework with caring of the house and family. Luckily, many children have learnt how to deal with being locked at home, and how to invent new ways of playing, being more patient with brothers and sisters, stay quiet if parents have video-calls, etc… In addition, and very important, couples have to cope with being together all the time so it is an opportunity to strengthen their relationship.

Second, the fact that you do not need to commute every day saves time and stress, you feel better physically and mentally.  Not to say that you can sleep at least one hour more than usual, and you have more free time once you finish work. Personally, I can do some online sport and find time to organize papers, wardrobes, and to decide at last what is needed and what must be thrown away. Having space around you organized is a way of having your mind organized too.

Finally, telework is here to stay. The lock-down has shown that telework is feasible. Those companies that already implemented teleworking may extend the number of days. Others that were against it may decide to implement it, while improving their IT tools. All of us have learnt new ways of communicating: GotoMeeting, Zoom, Webinars, Jitsi, Moodle, etc.

These reflections represent not only a personal improvement but also an opportunity for companies. They will have to rethink their travel policies and reconsider the need for travelling, perhaps switching often to virtual meetings or tele-conferences. They will have to adapt spaces and invest in technology to have more on-line interactions than before. Health and safety officers will have to establish new protocols not only internally but also for travelers and suppliers. The pandemic will have to be taken into account when renegotiating insurances.

In conclusion, let´s think positive and reflect on what this new situation offers to each of us, we might be surprised.



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